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Friday, November 05, 2004

Hi everybody
I'm so proud to tell you that my website has been chosen as an example of the online COLLABORATION and Student Webpages and Presentations. I want to thank my instructor Miss Buthaina Al Othman for her efforts and all of the webheads. You can see the website
A paper presented at the First International Online Conference on Secondand Foreign Language Teaching and Research,sponsored by the Reading Matrix online journal:
the address is
check it out :)


Friday, October 15, 2004

I've done my website about the Marinelife of Kuwait at present and future expectation, so you can go there and check it and if you find anything wrong please contact me. My email is
ladies_grave18@hotmail.com and you can make use of the forum and place you comment there. My website is
I hope you like the website :)


Thursday, May 06, 2004

Future marine life in Kuwait
Case: for better future
Marine life in Kuwait encountered many and many disasters like gulf war, oil leak and over fishing. These activities affected the ecological system of the marine life in Kuwait and we are responsible to fix these dangerous changes.
The ecological system in Kuwait's marine life is infected and what was built in millions of years won't recover in two or three years unless we take certain steps and lead campaigns to recover the infected marine life in Kuwait.
The Kuwait dive team was the pioneer in this field. They started clean up campaign and established artificial environment for fish to spawn and spread. On the other hand, the educational system and awareness in Kuwait isn't very good. Lack of awareness is a problem as most people in Kuwait. We need to Improve Ecological Educations in schools. This step will increase the self-conscience of the student. In addition the media has to play a vital roll to reach this goal. People need to know what they are doing to the environment by scientific programs and creating an environmental section in the daily news. A point worth noting is the sewer water, which is being thrown in the sea causing the fish kill phenomena and many other environmental disasters in Kuwait marine life. The cause of this problem is that the sewage pipes were blocked up and the sewage water were transferred to the rain pipes, which leads to the sea, but this case is being solved by changing the sewage pipes in all of kuwait. Of course that won't take the place of sewage water treatment projects. We have to mention that Kuwait is one of the best Middle East countries, which is trying to recover and sustain its environment.
Many terms were created to prevent ecological system from any change like Sustainable Development, Environmental Burden and Environmental Impact Assessment. Kuwait government is applying these methods in its development projects.
All of these activities will return a healthy environment, marine life prosperity and more marine resources. In addition the people will take advantage of this campaign and enrich there environmental knowledge and awareness.

These efforts will provide better ecological system in the future. Come on people work for your children and grandchild by saving there environment from troubles and pollution to live peacefully and healthy.

- Contemporary environmental cases book, Kuwait University.
- Kuwait Dive Team home page:
- Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research home page:
- Ocean Lifer Institute web page:
- UAE Agriculture Information Center web page:


Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hi everyone .I'm AbdulRahman Moufeed Krouma .I'm a Syrian 18 years old student in KU university in the Faculty of Science .
It's my second course in here and I'm taking EFS 162 at Miss Buthaina Al Othman's class in Alkhaldiya .
I will use this blog to store my work in it and study from it .
I hope you'll enjoy reading my work ...

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